Our Dynamic 24/7 Console Solution

The Ultimate Sit-Stand Mission Critical System

The ultimate solution for the 24/7 command and control room operation, the Response™

console provides a unique ergonomic approach for this demanding environment. The

Evans Response™ sit-stand approach to solving the ergonomic challenges of the control

room is simple: allow the environment to respond to the needs of the user.


By combining electrically actuated sit-stand functionality with the dynamic variability of the

optional Unity Monitor Arm™, Evans gives the end user complete command of their work

environment at the touch of a button! With a tough modular and space age structural

polymer frame, the Response™ console is made for the toughest 24/7 environments, and

is becoming the solution of choice in mission critical and 911 facilities worldwide.


Ergonomically designed to help promote blood circulation and improve user alertness,

the sit-stand Response™ is changing the console industry. As the implementation of

such ergonomic standards have been shown to enhance the health, efficiency and

productivity of users, the Evans Response™ is truly in a class of its own!

Design Features

Designed for 24/7 Environments

Rugged structural construction based on the Axiom™

injected polymer platform ensures incredible frame strength.

Durable laminate work surfaces and external polymer

panels are built to withstand even the most intense day-today rigors.

Touch-of-a-Button Sit-Stand Flexibility

Surface mounted dual safety switches allow touch-of-a-button work surface

height adjustment while durable factory tested lift mechanisms provide extended

life. This ensures the Response™ will function safely and effectively

exactly when you need it to.

Dynamic Unity Monitor Arm (Optional)

This patented design is the only one of its kind and capability. It offers a standard four

flat monitor display array with the option of up to eight, and features touch-of-a-button

electrically actuated tilt and height adjustment capabilities. With effortless forward and

back glide-track movement of the entire arm, operator comfort and proper ergonomics

are easily achieved in either a sit or stand position.

Equipment and Cable Management

The modular structure of the Response™ provides for efficient equipment and cable

management necessary in any mission critical environment. Cables running to work

surface-mounted devices are routed through an E-chain articulating cable management

system, permitting clean and efficient routing and bundling. Easy equipment

access is achieved through structural polymer front and rear hinged panels.

Operator Comfort

As an utmost design priority, the Response™ can incorporate numerous available

operator comfort options such as an environmental control unit (Johnson control),

personal ventilation, radiant heat panel, white noise, task lighting and more.